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Jack Peckitt

Officially confirmed as one of Yorkshire friendly faces , Jack Peckitt and his wife Anna live near Ampleforth. In an Area designated for its Outstanding Natural Beauty. On the edge of the North Yorks Moors National Park; the Heart of North Yorkshire. An area we know and love as  featured on Countryfile September 2014

This is a rare and wonderful place to for dogs to live and train. With some of the best shooting in the country on our doorstep. You will find Jack and his team of top quality gundogs out working during the season. Usually up at Rievaulx on the Birketts shoot .

We pride ourselves on breeding easy-to-train labradors and cocker spaniels from quality healthy FTCH lines. We produce first class trialling standard gundogs and working dogs. All are reliable, honest and easy to handle. Our dogs regularly go out on the shoots and it is a pleasure to watch them working.

Watch out for 2 young Cuckavalda Labradors which John Halstead jnr has bought from us in  Jan 2015 and follow their progress through the trialling year

Labrador pups for sale – excellent FTCH lines of Copperbirch and Leadburn

What We Do

Gundog Training

Professional gundog training with weekly progress reports.

Stud Dogs

A selection of first class Labrador and cocoker spaniel stud dogs are available.

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Full and part trained working dogs for sale as well as puppies.