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Jack Peckitt

Jack Peckitt and his wife Anna are known for their involvement in the dog world and gun-dog community for their work living in North Yorkshire. They run a successful gundog training business, combining expertise and passion for dogs to offer comprehensive training services. Additionally, Carr House Farm provides bed and breakfast accommodations, adding to their diverse professional endeavours. Their partnership in both personal and professional life highlights their shared interests and dedication to their work.
In an Area Designated for its Outstanding Natural Beauty. On the edge of the North Yorks Moors National Park, the Heart of North Yorkshire. An area we know and love as featured on Countryfile .

This is a rare and wonderful place for dogs to live and train. With some of the best shooting in the country on our doorstep. You will find Jack and his team of top quality gundogs out working during the season. Usually up at Rievaulx on the Birketts shoot named on of the best partridge shoots in the UK. – averaging over 100 days per year picking up before Covid. Will be probably 60-70 days plus as Jack has some young dogs to bring into work

We pride ourselves on breeding easy-to-train labradors and cocker spaniels from quality healthy FTCH lines.
We produce first class working dogs which make excellent pets ,and have gone as carer’s dogs too . All are reliable, honest and easy to handle. Our dogs regularly go out on the shoots. It is a pleasure to watch them working.

Watch out for  Cuckavalda Gundogs in the news and look out for up to date news posted by people on Facebook who have bought Cuckavalda dogs from us.

Jack and his 12 – 14 dogs are often the only team picking up on the day.

Jack won the Ryedale Business Award Champion for his dedication to his work and for the world wide recognition that he had bred when he trained one of only 4 Labradors that went from Europe that went to America to stand at stud at the Duckhill Kennels. The progeny then went on to guard the people of America after the 9/11 .

Watch out for Cuckavalda Fringe- better known as Archie who is owned by Craig Hobbs who is stealing the limelight at the moment

Global Business Insight Awards – Cuckavalda Gundogs was selected as Most Trusted in Dog Breeding Service for the UK

We sometimes have Labrador and cocker spaniel puppies and part trained dogs for sale.
Any pup which is bought from us and needs training can be brought back. Also included Basic training advice is complementary from Cuckavalda. Pups come with first injection and vet check certificate for senior veterinary partner that we use -Grace Lane Vets.

You may like to look at the Cuckavalda Gundogs facebook page which has regularly updates showing you the wider Cuckavalda family and the interaction between owners. The Instagram page which show the Cuckavalda dogs has now amalgamated to make life easier and can be found under the #carrhousefarm page

All training is now booked up and trained Jack’s way, which has been successfully done for over 40 years.


2024 – May update – We have trained and part trained Labradors for sale and a litter of cocker spaniels due mid June .

We are registered with Ryedale District Council and inspected by their nominated vets .

What We Do


Professional training with weekly progress reports on dogs that Jack has bred. February to September

Stud Dogs

A selection of first class Labrador and cocker spaniel stud dogs are available.

Dogs For Sale

Part trained working gundogs for sale as well as puppies.