About Cuckavalda Gundogs

Jack Peckitt with his wife Anna
Jack Peckitt with his wife Anna

Having the good fortune to be based in the heart of North Yorkshire are Jack Peckitt and his wife Anna with their Cuckavalda Gundogs. The name Cuckavalda comes from Norman times – a deviation of the cuckoo in the wood. An apt name as the sounds of cuckoos can often be heard coming from the surrounding woodland. With fields and woodland on the doorstep and a fresh water stream damned up for the dogs own dipping pool, this is a rare and wonderful place to for dogs to live and train. We have some of the best shooting in the country on our doorstep. It is an excellent opportunity for Jack to work his dogs during the shooting season. Giving them the challenge of different working terrains and conditions. Bringing on young dogs to their best in a natural environment.

A Lifelong Dedication

Jack has been involved with working dogs and horses since an early age and has the ability to bring to out the best in them. This was proved in 1981 when he jointly won the title of Leading Jockey of the Northern Area Point to Points. After hanging up his saddle he turned to concentrate on his dogs and has produced excellent results.

World Renowned

Cuckavalda Gundogs are now getting known around the world. With young dogs going for trialling into Europe and America. Cuckavalda Gatkinson is making her name time and time again. Tex – a.k.a Cuckavalda Monty – is now standing at stud at Duckhill Kennels in America. Robert Milner sent us the following:

“Tex is a fantastic dog. One of the best I have had ever. Vey smart, very cooperative. A real pleasure to be with and a dream to train. You have obviously done a terrific job of raising him.”

We then got an email from Bob Barnett from Arkansas in America. He had bought a pup sired by Cuckavalda Monty:

“Rooster is the most talented retriever I have owned and possibly seen. Thank you for such a fine companion and hunting partner.”

How nice it is to hear how are dogs are progressing.